Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Hungarian Company of the National Theatre in Subotica is barnstorming

The Hungarian National Council is supporting the tour programme of the Novi Sad, the "Kosztolányi Dezső" and the Senta Repertory Theatre, as well as the programme of the Hungarian Company with three million dinars.
Our theatre would perform the Hyppolit, the Butler in the provinces. We plan to perform five barnstorming plays in Torda, Kula, Bezdan, Novi Itebej and in Doroslovo or Svilojevo.
Since the "Jadran" stage has 260 seats, in the barnstorming period we would bring our spectators several settlements, among others Mužlja, Banatski Monoštor, Telečka, Kupusina, Sivac, Nova Crnja, Toba, Bogojevo, Svilojevo and Kikinda. The spectators the provinces can watch Hyppolit, the Butler, as well as other performances.
The first stop of the Hungarian Company of the National Theatre in Subotica was in Torda on Sunday, March 13. The following video presents the report of the Pannon RTV: