Sunday, May 26, 2024

About the company

The average age of the actors in the theatre group comprising seventeen actors is fairly young. The group is characterized by a vigorous, expressive and special suggestive force which turns with unique creativity into art the theatrical approach of the region, imbuing characteristic with contemporary West-European artistic theatrical mentality. Next to the great theatrical genres, most delightful studio –or- room-theatre performances have been created during workshop activities that require joining the creative forces of the actors. "Delight theatre" is the name given to these performances; they are rare dashes of colour in contemporary theatrical life.

Together with actors Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Romania, the troupe has produced performances in the spirit of contemporary theatre the significance of which goes beyond the regional conception of theatre. Their repertoire includes (besides the self-produced texts and classic dramas) plays by contemporary authors; they have performed works by Hungarian and Serbian dramatists as well as plays by Dough Wright, Agota Kristof, Dalton Tumbo, David Harrower, Nikolaj Koljada and Janusz Glowaczki.

The Hungarian Company of the Theatre has recently received much recognition both at home and abroad. Beside the guest performances in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia, the Company has been invited to numerous theatre festivals where it had recieved a number of professional recognitions.