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The Witches of Eastwick

John Updike
Adaptation: István Tasnádi


John Updike: Witches of Eastwick

Adapted to stage by István Tasnádi



Zsuzsa Kalmár


Natália Vicei


Mónika Pesitz


Zoltán Mezei


Petronella Körmöci


Csaba Ralbovszki



Musician / composer

Géza Kucsera jr.


Csaba Kucsera (guest)           




Attila Szőke


Ervin Pálfi


Attila Baráth - university student




R. B. Brestyánszki

Costume Designer

Erika Janovics (guest)           

Stage designer

Kraut (guest)           


Nándor Szilágyi


Ferenc Borbély (guest)           


Attila Szőke


Antal Erdudacz




György Hernyák, Jászai award-winning director



Prompter / stage manager

Zsuzsa Sinkovics

Assistant director

Szabina Kovács


Miklós Matlári


Róbert Flajsman

On the movie recordings:
Máté Kucsera, Tiara Cibolya, Bertalan Csernik, Ádám Mezei, Dávid Sándor, Milan Markelić, Viktor Bicskei, Györk Péter, Richárd Ambrus, Dániel Ludas, Roland László, Ervin Pálfi, Attila Szőke, Attila Baráth, as well as Tark, the rabbit and the voice of Rudolf Szedlár


66th Season

the Second opening night of the Hungarian Company

Premiére: February 19, 2011., "Jadran" stage


The performance is subtitled in Serbian.

The performance is recommended for adults! 

"... we need a man! ... An attractive figure... whom you can love ... ... Who has some brains, whom you can talk to! ... A stranger. Fresh meat! That would be the real thing. ... He must be very handsome! ... He must have petty eyes! ... And a nice ass!
Let's wish for him together! "
... And in Eastwick, in a god-forsaken little town, three women wish for this man...
... And in Subotica, on February 19, around 7.30 pm, he appears ...
... But who could that man be?


The Witches of Eastwick is nothing more than a tale for adults. The theatre rarely addresses the original evilness, however, it surrounds us every day - call it politics, or the dirt shed on us by the TV, or we can call it temptation as well... The 21st century is renowned for a deteriorated, lost moral value system. Truth, law, ethics, morality - all has become very relative.  There are no heroes, only people of dubious character, whom the media and politics declare heroes. The heroes of today are the stars, the celebrities. The people who want to become famous at any cost. Ad dumping is flowing, it literally applies physical violence on listeners, audience, citizens, thus making exposed all those who receive. The performance intends to discuss this evil that pledges, offers itself, and if accepted, both the body and the soul become its possession.

- György Hernyák

Press Coverage:

The threads are running, there are no neutral runs in the play, they do not allow our attention to weaken even for a moment, and the story is so excitingly shaping that even the separation into two acts seems superfluous. What they do to us is a real witchcraft; we can step upon the threshold of an unknown world, and we are allowed to peep into a milieu full of inviting joy; nevertheless, it turns out that not all is wonderful what seems such in the first place.

- Arnold Török

 ... The Witches of Eastwick is the best performance of the last few seasons of the Hungarian National Theatre in Subotica.

- Annamária Markovics