Tuesday, August 09, 2022


György Spiró
Guest production of the theatre in Timisoara


Directed by: László Sándor
dramaturg: Gyarmati Kata
set and costume design: Albert Alpár
director's assitant: Szilágyi Ágota


Woman Szász Enikő
Man Dukász Péter

"The text is a gem of the contemporary Hungarian drama, with beautifully depicted scenes from everyday life and thoroughly portrayed characters, whose representation requires a disciplined and complex scenic presence. One needs a hard inner force to examine his life, and Spiró is a master in its representation. "- says Gyarmati Kata.

"The audiences will see a very beautiful and human story. Spiró György is brilliant in portraying small people. The two protagonists vegetate at subsistence level, but suddenly their luck smiles: they hit the lottery jackpot. How do they react, how does their mentality change? We explore these rules of conduct. A person, facing unexpected change, gets scared, he tries tries to understand what happened. The heroes of the play start to analyze every moment spent together. The way they will with the situation, or rather with their own problems, it's a secret. This is what the audience will see on stage." - says the director.

stage manager: Deák Irén
prompter: Czumbil Marika
photo: Bíró Márton
poster: Benedek Levente, Cristina Pecherle