Sunday, June 23, 2024

Murlin Murlo

Nikolaj Koljada
comedy in two acts



Olga Mónika Pesitz
Aleksej Béla Kálló
Irina Natália Vicei
Mihail Zoltán Mezei
Neighbors Nándor Szilágyi
  B. R. Brestyánszki
  Ervin Pálfi 



Set design Nándor Szilágyi
Costume selection Viktória Kreszánkó
Assistant B. R. Brestyánszki
Prompter Erzsébet Vrestyák
Stage-manager Zsuzsa Sinkovics
Lights Róbert Flajsman


Directed by: György Hernyák



About the play:

This play is as much a comedy as The Three Sisters are. All depends on your angle of approaching a topic. A tragedy is tragedy only for the person who has lived through it. In the eyes of the spectators, however, every single manifestation of it may be even comical. We are not always distressed by other people's tragedies. This is what makes things strange and ambiguous, just as this play and its performance are strange and ambiguous in themselves.

György Hernyák


Press coverage:

György Hernyák with an excellently composed play, with endlessly expressive gestures of the actors and perfect plays of the psycho, brought blaze in the miserable room in the middle of nowhere.

One of the peremptory points of success is the affective, sober and emotionally sublime acting of Mónika Pesitz without superfluous twitching.

All my compliments go to György, as his “spiritual hannibalism” deserves all credits.

- Zoltán Baracius

The usage of hyperrealist convention, the voluminous and exact performance of the actors is delightful and harrowing for the spectators.

- Zoltán Csép

The splitting of life and death can be felt in the Murlin Murlo performance of the Subotica National Theatre. György Hernyák made the play of Nyikolaj Koljada a tremendous, and yet a shocking stage work. During such a performance, something comes into the eye of even the stone-hearted, apparently crusty, white-haired critic...

- Melinda Sőregi


- The 55th Week of Professional Theatres of Vojvodina, Zrenjanin

Natália Vicei - actress award
Béla Kálló – actors’ award
György Hernyák – award for best direction

- 17th Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres From Outside Hungary
The performance received the main award of the
Ministry of National Cultural Heritage
Mónika Pesitz - actress award
Natália Vicei - actress award
Nándor Szilágyi – award for best set design