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A musical journey from Berlin to Los Angeles











  Árpád Csernik
  Lilla Földi 
  Hermina G. Erdélyi
  Béla Kálló
  Zsuzsa Kalmár
  Petronella Körmöci
  Andor Kovács Nemes
  Attila Mess
  Anita Nemes Nagy
  Ervin Pálfi
  Mónika Pesitz
  Ferenc Péter
  Csaba Ralbovszki
  Nándor Szilágyi
  Katalin Sziráczky
  Natália Vicei
  Kriszta  Vágó
  Júlia Dudás
  Hajnalka Tarapcsik 
Orchestra: ifj. Géza Kucsera
  János Ábrahám
  Dénes Blazsanik 
  Armand Mészáros
  József  Skofjanec
Csaba Kucsera
  Goran Evetović 



Costumes Andrea Ledenyák 
Music Director: ifj. Géza Kucsera
Choreographer: László Rogács 
Set design: NándorSzilágyi
Chorus and musical collaborator: AnitaNemes Nagy
Lighting engineer: Ferenc Borbély 
Visual effects: Attila Szőke  / Ervin Pálfi  
1st Assistant Director: Ervin Pálfi
2nd Assistant Director: Valéria Kocsis


Directed by: Zoltán Mezei



In the ’20s and ’30s of the last century a new music world developed that  immediately worked itself into the everydays: the jazz. Its effect could most strongly be felt in the New World, since jazz pubs were opening on every corner, people were going out and dancing, they were listening to the melancholic, bittersweet melodies and admired how prominent musical personalities narrate their thoughts about the world and themselves without words with the help of music.
The protagonist of the
Subotica production is Marlene Dietrich, the cultic, rebelling feminine ideal (she inspired the clothing collection of Andrea Ledenyák). Through her character, we trace the important stops in her life from Europe to America, the homeland of jazz. In America, Marlene barges into personages characteristic of age, and finally arrives to Hollywood, the citadel of showbusiness....
More and more famous songs are intoned, variety is open 24/7 until suddenly the world is taking a completely different turn...



65th season
Second opening night of the Hungarian Company
Opening night: 20th December, 2009, "Jadran" stage