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Diary Of A Madwoman

We all carry the seeds which fairytale trees, woods and jungles may spring...

R. B. Brestyánszki - András Dömötör
Diary Of A Madwoman
descending based on the writings of Géza Csáth

The insane woman really lived, even her name is known. Her diary is being organized and analysed in the book of dr. József Brenner (who entered the history of literature as penman Géza Csáth), entitled The psychic mechanism of mental illness.
Thus, the story of Miss G. is not fiction, although Csáth himself was surprised at the literary value of his writings. Obviously, not the fantastic world of the texts caught him in the first place. "Is it possible that this monograph of Csáth is at least as intimately his own, as his short stories and other writings?" - Miklós Mészöly asks, probably righfully. Is it possible that there is some kind of a secret relationship between the world of the patient and the physician-writer?

Besides the screenplay, the monograph, the basis of the performance comprises the short stories, diaries, other essays and letters, and it takes us intentionally on a fictive trip to parallel worlds.

Co-production of the Hungarian Company of the National Theatre in Subotica and the Thalia Theatre in Budapest.

Budapest premiére in the Thalia Theatre: May 25, 2011. 05. 25.
Subotica premiére on "Jadran" stage: May 31, 2011.