Sunday, June 23, 2024


Baráth A. – Hajdú T. – Mácsai E. – Pámer Cs.
...or backwards

That is, the exact title of the performance is:

CREON – In other words, against the wind, or the proclamation of an active corpse, or the opposite of everything is also true. Or vice versa

musical anti(que) tragedy


Creon, king of Thebes - Endre Mácsai


Megaira, the rememberer- Csilla Pámer

Alekto, the ruthless - Attila Baráth

Tisiphone, the inexorable - Tamás Hajdú


Director / teacher: György Hernyák,  Jászai award-winning director

teacher assistant: Ervin Pálfi, Pataki Ring and Jászai award-winning actor

Colleague: Rita Bartal Kis


Fifth Opening night of the Hungarian Company

Soltis Lajos Studio: June 8, 2011.


You are a man, a human being. A severe illness it is to be a man. Also, an incurable one.

We will master and renew the innermost essence of your soul. 
The existence of an imperfect thought anywhere in the world is unbearable to us, no matter how secret and weak it might be.
We shall purify you.
Change you.
Do you realize what this means?