Sunday, June 23, 2024

Closing Time

Mezei - Pálfi - Szőke - Brestyánszki







Isabelle Hermina G. Erdélyi 
Arch Nándor Szilágyi
Frankie Ferenc Katkó  / Géza Kucsera
Mike Attila Szőke
Roy Csaba Ralbovszki
Tommy Ervin Pálfi
Contributors Nenad Orkić 
  Darko Mačković
  Lénárd Gúzsvány



Orchestration, tuition Géza Kucsera
Choreographer László Rogács
Set and costume designer
Viktória Kreszánkó
Assistant director Attila Szőke
Prompter / Stage-manager
Júlia Kotroba
Light, sound
Róbert Flajsman
Props Gábor Szabó Cibolya
Stage manager
Milorad Vidakov
Directed by Zoltán Mezei



About the play:

At the wake of the twentieth century, somewhere in a smoke-filled bar in America, five doomed  musicians are spending their last night together. They evoke some lovely, good and less pleasant memories of past events. A beautiful woman, the whirl of horse races, the mafia's administration of justice, love, friendship and revenge emerge suddenly from the past. The story is generously interlarded with jazz melodies that the actors of the Szabadka Theatre Company draw from their instruments, the piano, double-base, clarinet and  the guitar right on the stage.


From the review:

The miniature stories from the past create a perfectly woven web with great ease, the humor is delicate and ironic, and exists in fine harmony with the sometimes “dark” contents of the play. The understanding of the story’s linearity is a process within the audince itself. The jazz music helps to create the atmosphere of the play, it mildly flows in between the well constructed scenes, it’s not illustration, it’s a way to live – it’s a lifestyle. Although the actors who play the instruments aren’t professional musicians, we can say that they did their jobs brilliantly.