Sunday, March 26, 2023

An unfinished story

On November 22, ten years after his returnless demise, a few people knock back a shot of brandy to his memory.

His students were present: István Brücker, Iván Vukoszávljev, Edit Tényi, Béla Kálló, Hermina G, Erdélyi, Zotán Mezei, Petronella Körmöci,
as well as Frigyes Kovács, Zsuzsa Franyó, Csaba Erlauer, Zoltán Siflis, Nándor Kartagh, Károly Vicsek, Árpád Bakos, the Hungarian Folkmusic Ensemble... and many others who knew and loved him, who were taught by him, while performing, cooking, rumbling and laughing together.