Saturday, July 11, 2020

The nominees for the Theatre Critics’ Award

Natália Vicei, the actress of the Hungarian Company of the National Theatre in Subotica is in competition for the best supporting actress award (Safe House - Mum)!!!!


The Theatre Critics’ Award of Hungary is turning 30 this year

The presentation of the Theatre Critic’s Award, one of the most prestigious professional recognitions, is a significant event that marks the beginning of the theatre season.

The Award is given by the Theatre Critics’ Association to the best actors of the former season. After watching at least 90 premiéres a year in Hungarian language (both in Hungary and abroad), the members of the Association may cast their votes in 15 categories for the procreators they consider the most outstanding.

This year is special in the history of the prize: in 2010, the Theatre Critic’s Award is given for the 30th time. The award ceremony takes place on September 26th at 8 pm, at the Budapest Puppet Theatre.

Theatre Critic’s Award categories:

Award for Best New Hungarian Drama
Award for Best Performance
Award for Best Directing
Award for Best Musical/Entertainment Performance
Award for Best Independent Theatre Performance
Award for Best Performance for Children
Award for Best Actress
Award for Best Actor
Award for Best Supporting Actress
Award for Best Supporting Actor
Award for Best Set Design
Award for Best Costume Design
Award for Best Theatre Music
Award for the Most Promising Entrant
Special Award (does not fall into any other category)