Thursday, July 18, 2019


Diary Of A Madwoman Diary Of A Madwoman
We all carry the seeds which fairytale trees, woods and jungles may spring...
Rite Rite
Performance of the third-year students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
Nora Nora
Henrik Ibsen's timeless drama premiére on April 14, on "Jadran" stage
Natália Vicei winning the Jászai Mari Award Natália Vicei winning the Jászai Mari Award
On March 11 in Budapest, in the Museum of Ethnography, the Minister of National Resources, Miklós Réthelyi presented art awards on the occasion of March 15.
An unfinished story An unfinished story
Bittersweet memories on a November afternoon with Lajos Soltis… without him. And with Him.
Submergence Submergence
The opening of Erzsébet Mezei’s exhibition will take place in the “Soltis Lajos” Studio December 2, 2010, at 5 pm.
I Love You... and Prah I Love You... and Prah
Guest performances of the “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian National Theatre of Timişoara
Hyppolit. the Butler Hyppolit. the Butler
Once upon a time, there was a couple: a carrier and his wife. Due to a stroke of good luck, a huge fortune befell them overnight. Then said the wife to the husband of hers: let us hire a butler!
The Pataki Ring Award winner is Emina Elor The Pataki Ring Award winner is Emina Elor
Emina Elor won the prize for Lucifer`s role in Tragedy of the Man – Novi Sad Theatre
Drama wrighting contest Drama wrighting contest
The DRAMA WRITING CONTEST of The Hungarian Company of the theatre in Subotica
The nominated actors for the Pataki Ring Award The nominated actors for the Pataki Ring Award
Following the 10th Drama Writing Contest of the Novi Sad Theatre, the Pataki Ring Award ion Committee announced its decision, according to which the committee nominated five actors for the Award for Previous Season’s Best Hungarian Actor in Vojvodina
Seville Heritage and Watchers Seville Heritage and Watchers
The prize-winning authors of our drama writing contest: Béla Szegedi Szabó and Róbert Lénárd